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What is the computer monitoring system of photovoltaic power station?

What is the computer monitoring system of photovoltaic power station?

The computer monitoring system uses computers, communication equipment, and measurement and control units as the basic tools. It provides a basic platform for real-time data acquisition, switching status detection and remote control of photovoltaic power generation systems. It can form any complex monitoring system with detection and control equipment. Playing a central role in monitoring can help power stations eliminate islands, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, and improve rapid response to abnormal conditions in the power generation process.

What is the computer monitoring system of photovoltaic power station?
computer monitoring system

During the normal operation of the computer monitoring system, check whether the power supply of the background machine is normal and whether there is an alarm signal; check whether the communication of the monitoring system is normal, and whether the data display indications are correct; check whether the main menus of the monitoring window are abnormal; check whether the printer is working normally, Whether the printing paper is enough; check whether the soft and hard connecting pieces are correctly cast and withdrawn. In addition to this, the following operating and maintenance regulations apply:

(1) It is strictly forbidden to power off the monitoring system in operation.
(2) It is strictly forbidden to change the parameters, charts and related operating passwords in the monitoring system.
(3) It is strictly forbidden to exit the running background machine from the monitoring window, and no programs unrelated to system operation shall be installed on the background machine.
(4) When operating the circuit breaker in the background machine, other equipment shall not be operated beyond the limit.
(5) When data confusion or abnormal communication occurs in the monitoring system, it should be checked and reported immediately.
(6) Keep the printed materials properly.
(7) It is strictly forbidden to connect other electrical equipment to the UPS power supply.

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