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Daily maintenance requirements for photovoltaic modules

Schematic diagram of cleaning brush for photovoltaic power station

Photovoltaic modules are the core equipment of the entire photovoltaic power generation system. Its work efficiency is related to the economic benefits of photovoltaics. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the modules for the normal operation of photovoltaic power plants is extremely important.

Daily inspection of photovoltaic modules is to ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of photovoltaic modules, and to discover defects and abnormalities in photovoltaic modules in time. Operation and maintenance personnel conduct roving inspections of photovoltaic modules in operation.

The daily inspection of photovoltaic modules should mainly check the following contents:
(1) Check whether the lighting surface of the photovoltaic module is clean, and whether there is dust or water accumulation.
(2) Check whether the wiring between the photovoltaic module panels is loose, and whether the lead wires are bound firmly.
(3) Check whether the wiring in the photovoltaic array junction box is firm.
(4) Check whether the photovoltaic modules are damaged or abnormal, such as shielding, breakage, disappearance of grid lines, hot spots, etc.
(5) Check whether the connection between the photovoltaic string supports is firm, whether the connection between the support and the grounding system is reliable, and whether the connection between the metal sheath of the cable and the grounding system is reliable.

For problems found through daily inspections, operation and maintenance personnel should maintain the abnormal conditions in a timely manner to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. If the following problems are found during the inspection, the PV modules should be adjusted or replaced immediately.
(1) Photovoltaic modules have glass shattered, scorched backplanes, and obvious color changes.
(2) There are bubbles that form a communication channel with the edge of the photovoltaic module or any circuit.
(3) The junction box of the photovoltaic module is deformed, twisted, cracked or burned, and the wiring terminals cannot be well contacted.
(4) The power of the photovoltaic module does not reach the rated output, find out the reason, and replace it if necessary. For power measurement, a clamp-on ammeter can be used to measure the input current of each photovoltaic module string connected to the same DC combiner box under the condition that the solar radiation intensity is basically the same, and the deviation should not exceed 5%.
(5) The parts of photovoltaic modules, including diodes, junction boxes, cable connectors, etc., are generally not allowed to be replaced at will. If they are damaged, they should be replaced with the same model as the original module, or consult the manufacturer.
(6) The photovoltaic module cleaning benchmark test is carried out on the photovoltaic area. If it is found that the photovoltaic module is seriously polluted and has affected the output power of the photovoltaic module, it should be flushed with water as much as possible according to the site conditions of the power station (no cleaning tools are required) or used Light and soft special cleaning tools for photovoltaic modules to scrub. Cleaning precautions:
1) Do not clean up when the dirt is dry, it will scratch the surface of the photovoltaic module.
2) Use dry or damp, soft and clean cloth to wipe photovoltaic modules. It is strictly forbidden to use corrosive solvents or hard objects to wipe photovoltaic modules.

The photovoltaic cleaning brush mainly consists of three parts: the row brush, the telescopic pole, and the equipment power supply. When using, put the lithium battery in the backpack, adjust the posture of the backpack, adjust the length of the telescopic pole according to the site conditions of the photovoltaic plant, and the fixed telescopic pole can work normally (see Figure 1).

Schematic diagram of cleaning brush for photovoltaic power station
Figure 1 Schematic diagram of cleaning brush for photovoltaic power station

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